Hi! My name is Yann,

and I’m a Christian dad on a mission to encourage others like me on their journey to rediscover the art of fatherhood by boosting their health, challenging their faith and maximizing everyday life.

Healthy Recipes

Inspiring families to eat healthy by helping you prepare healthy and easy to make recipes that will satisfy everyone

Wellness Articles

Empowering dads with wellness advice so that you can feel good about yourself and lead your families health

Maximizing Life Articles

Sharing with dads, resources to help us grow spiritually, increase productivity, & engage in meaningful relationships.

Bible Study Tools for the 21st Century

Back in college, I was challenged to study the Bible so I could think and defend my faith for myself. Several good friends of mine suggested that I should start investing in a variety of topical books, historical resources, Bible commentaries, & cross-reference...

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Easy Breakfast Parfait

Want a quick little breakfast to get you going in the morning and give you plenty of nutrition?  Try a healthy and nutritious parfait!  Enjoy at home or put in a mason jar to take to work. Ingredients Makes 1 Parfait 4 oz Plain or Flavored Kefir Kefir is a creamy...

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Switchel – A Fizzy Soda Substitute

I discovered this little recipe on the web as I was searching for alternative beverages that could help curb a sweet tooth soda addiction. It is a cross between ginger-ale and sour lemonade, maybe ginger-ade? It has a bunch of beneficial properties and is a great little pick me up on a hot day! As my mother would say… Santé.

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